The support continues to this day and so does our respect and
appreciation for this small Calgary company who grew and stayed
in Calgary to serve many satisfied customers. Their field of service
has had to change to adapt to a growing technology world,
as the Doorway has also had to adapt in learning the changing
society our young people face as they seek to leave the streets.

Congratulations Nucleus for your consistent commitment, a rare
commodity in a changing world. Thank you for understanding that
young people need us to believe in them just as much as they
need to figure out how to believe in a world in which they have
not experienced success so far.

This is a note of personal appreciation from an Executive Director who has
been here the entire 30 years along the way we have shared. We wish
you every success in your transition forward, to accommodate what
you have learned so far, in continuing to strive for business excellence
and respectful attention to your customers.

Technology grows daily. Thank you that your company has not allowed
your humanity to disappear in your quest to be of service to the people
who daily rely on you to keep their businesses ‘working online’.

Warm regards. marilyn