Fast Unlimited Downloads and Uploads

Choose between several high speed internet cable plans to meet your specific needs. If you need help deciding what product and plan is best for you, please give us a call 1-888-682-5387


No More Headaches, Make The Switch To Nucleus Cable Internet

Cable 5
Up to 5 Mbps download
Up to 1Mbps upload
Unlimited bandwidth
10 Email accounts
Cable 15
Up to 15 Mbps download
Up to 1.5Mbps upload
Unlimited bandwidth
10 Email accounts
Cable 30
Up to 30 Mbps download
Up to 5 Mbps upload
Unlimited bandwidth
10 Email accounts
Cable 75
Up to 75 Mbps download
Up to 7.5 Mbps upload
Unlimited bandwidth
15 Email accounts
Cable 150
Up to 150 Mbps download
Up to 15 Mbps upload
Unlimited bandwidth
15 Email accounts


Amazing,  Jaw-Dropping Speeds up to 150Mb/s


You can count on your connection, Dependable, Stability, Reliable


Our support team is here to help you with any issues you have with your connection.

Unlimited Bandwidth

All Nucleus high speed internet plans feature unlimited bandwidth allowing you to upload and download as much data as you desire. You will never need to worry about monitoring your internet usage again. Stay connected throughout your home with the optional WIFI router, allowing you to connect multiple devices at once while delivering the best internet experience.

"I just want to take a couple minutes and draft up an email detailing how pleased I am with your service. I’ve been a Nucleus customer since almost the beginning of Nucleus and as always your ability to please and make things happen is second to none. There were some trials and tribulations with Telus and getting them to mobilize and fix the problems with their infrastructure I know was no small task; the issues could have gone on much longer. Thank you Nucleus as always you’re number one. I’ll recommend you any time." ~A happy customer

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Nucleus consultants understand the importance of delivering superior customer service and the personal touch. Clients tell us our staff is knowledgeable, dependable, helpful and courteous. We listen to your concerns, work hard to find effective solutions and most importantly CARE about all of our clients regardless of size. Our staff members are on hand to answer all questions and are more than happy to help out where they can.