One of the biggest issues with managing a website is security; it is always a battle to make sure your data and web presence is safe.  Nucleus has deployed multiple layers of security to help defend your website from attack.

  • Ability to Install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates on your website AND webmail for free
  • Ability to use CloudFlare CDN and Protection for free
  • Nucleus offers a WordPress monitoring service for $5/month
    • This service includes the installation of the free WordPress plugin called WordFence. The WordPress Wordfence security plugin provides free enterprise-class WordPress security, protecting your website from hacks and malware. WordFence has the option of alerting you when any of your WordPress Themes, Plug-ins, Translations, or the WordPress Core files themselves need to be updated. Keeping your themes, plugins and core WordPress files updated reduces the risk of hacking to your WordPress website. Although this helps protect your WordPress site, it cannot be 100% guaranteed that your site will not be hacked or become compromised.
    • The WordPress Monitoring/Update Service only covers the updating of the WordPress Core files, themes, plugins, and translations for your WordPress website. It does not include updating of regular content that may be added to the website itself. These type of updates would be charged under our usual rate of $100.00/hour + tax.
  • Nucleus Offers a WordPress Optimization package for one-time fee of $100
    • Test and Check your Websites PHP comparability and change your PHP version to the highest version your site will work with, without having to make code changes
    • Enable NGINX for static Content speeding up your website
    • Disable any unneeded logging
    • Make sure OPCache or XCache is enabled for your PHP website
    • Optimize your DNS zone file (if hosted with us)
    • Enable gzip to compress your website’s data transfer, delivering it to viewers faster
    • Enable static content caching for browsers
    • Install and enable the plugin to use Memcached with your WordPress (if safe to do so for the content you have)
    • Install and enable and configure WordPress caching plugin
    • Install and enable WordFence Free addition
    • Install and enable the MySQL PDO plugin for WordPress
  • On the fly Kernel/Software/and OS hardening
  • Daily server side virus scans of your website
  • Daily outsourced virus and malware scans of your website
  • Advanced Learning hardware and software firewalls
  • Denial of Service protection
  • Brute force protection (Detects and blocks web authentication brute force attacks, without relying on either status codes or logs).
  • Enhanced and learning Web Application Firewall:
    • Protects from:
      • SQL injection
      • Cross-site scripting
      • Remote and local file injection/inclusion attacks
      • Command injection
    • And includes:
      • Real time blacklists
      • Advanced anti-evasion protection
      • Threat Intelligence protection (This is based on real time attack intelligence reported by other customers, which is then made available in real time to everyone using the complete rules. This means if customer A is attacked by a system, everyone blocks that attacker in real time.)
      • Automatic secure white listing of search engines (No false positives with search engines, they are automatically detected and white listed in a way that prevents spoofing. This ensures that a sites’ page rank is also protected.)
      • Malicious bot protection
      • Automatic removal of malicious code from websites (If a website is compromised, the complete rules will remove the malicious code from the website in real time, without touching any code on the system. This ensures that there is no risk to the customer websites, and also removes anything malicious from them. This means you can use the rules on a system that’s already been compromised, and eliminate the effects of the web applications compromise without having to do anything other than install the rules.)
      • Advanced protection rules for SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, RFI, LFI.
      • Advanced protection for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and other popular web applications.
      • Anti-spam protection (Blocks web spam).
      • Data loss protection rules (Protection from credit card theft, sensitive data, error messages that show sensitive data).
      • PCI-DSS compliance (Meets PCI-DSS WAF compliance requirements).
      • Malware protection.
      • Web shell protection (Detects and blocks web shells and other malicious code from running.)
      • Advanced false positive prevention (Complete rules contain additional advanced code to prevent false positives.)
      • Real time support (False positives are resolved within minutes or hours, although they are very rare with the complete rules.)
      • Updates multiple times daily.

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